About our studio

About our studio


Who Are We?

Meet The Creative Committee


Based in Durban – Cerebro is a creative hub made up of a tightly knit team. We’re passionate about everything conceptual – with this enthusiasm extending into all forms of media, including branding, web, animation and video. Together we strive to produce exceptional work, and are constantly expanding our knowledge base and range of content. With our years of experience and positive approach, we’re confident you will love working with us.


We are Creative Designers, insightful Strategists and Conceptual Artists


Cerebro was founded in 2019 to help clients navigate the pace of technological change, to allow them to interact with their customers in more meaningful ways. We continue to tackle these types of challenges for our clients through our studios in Durban, South Africa. We’re proud of the award-winning work we’ve produced for a wide range of forward thinking clients – and of the culture we’ve created at Cerebro that enables our teams to do the best work of their lives.


Our Values

1. Creativity unites us

This belief is at the heart of our global DNA. It represents our commitment to DE&I and is the foundation of trust within our teams and our studios.


2. Make it better

Our commitment to craft means we not only deliver what’s expected, but we go beyond expectation to produce work of genuine, lasting value.


3. Express yourself

Creativity ignites when everyone is empowered and able to be their full self, whether that is loud, quiet, weird, wild. Whatever is unique to them. All are welcome.


4. Maximum respect

We respect each other, the work, our clients, our boundaries – always. Through respect, we build trust and demonstrate our commitment to each other and our mission.


5. Relentless curiosity

We never settle and are never satisfied with the obvious, the easy, the convenient. We explore the world around us with constant wonder and infuse that in our work.


6. Be real

When we speak, we are clear and direct. When we listen, we are attentive and empathetic. We value feedback, reflection and communication to create high-performing teams and bring clarity to our work.


7. Embrace change

Change is the one constant in our industry. We embrace it, see everything new as an opportunity and value resilience in how we move forward


Our Awesome Story

“Alone we are strong, together we are stronger”


Cerebro Creative was co-founded by two multi-disciplined, rogue freelancers, each with a passion for design and armed with formidable and varied skill sets. Mobeen Mustappa, of Catalyst Studios, and Raees Khan of Firebrand Multimedia, embraced the old proverb: “Alone we are strong, together we are stronger”, joining forces to open as a Unified Agency. Together, they merged the elegance of Catalyst’s artistic direction with the digital spark and technical prowess of Firebrand. With time, dedication and enormous energy Cerebro Creative expanded its committee to include Kopy Kat (Copywriting and Editorial department), Stratsphere (Marketing and Brand Strategy department) and Non-Uninspired Productions (Videography, Motion Graphics and Photographic department). Today Cerebro has established itself as a living, breathing and growing collective, always in search of its next big and exciting project.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford.

Our Skills

A Full-Service Digital Agency


Design   |   Web Architecture  |   Strategy


Cerebro offers everything from web design, corporate identity, digital marketing, motion graphics, videography, photography, marketing strategy and brand positioning.

Our studio has developed an all-around comprehensive knowledge of web design and digital marketing from 1000+ projects. We have expertise in creating successful campaigns for CPG brands, higher-education, sportswear makers, software companies, energy businesses, financial institutions, travel agencies, entertainment, health-care providers, and many more.

As an experienced agency, our services extend way beyond tactical web design, SEO, or development. We can execute anything that is customer-facing, from taking fantastic product photography, creating video animations, strategizing your campaign, managing the media plan, to designing print and other offline materials.


Meet Our Team

Raees Khan

Digital Director

Mobeen Mustappa

Creative Director

Sonwabile Magengenene

Web Designer / Designer

Alexis B

Head Copywriter

Jacobus H

Film Producer

Jaques J


Kirsten P

ART Director



We’re always on the lookout for new talent. Send your CV


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Where to Find us

So now that you (kinda have an idea of) who we are and what our mission is. Why don’t we take some time getting to know you and your business? After all, we may work together soon. If you want to see double-digit revenue growth in your business of course.