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Welcome we are Cerebro

Cerebro Creative was co-founded by two multi-disciplined, rogue freelancers each with a passion for design and a varied skill set. Mobeen Mustappa of Catalyst Studios and Raees Khan of Firebrand Multimedia decided to embody the old proverb that “alone we are strong, together we are stronger” and joined forces to open up shop as a unified agency. Together, they merged all the elegance of Catalyst’s artistic direction with the digital spark and technical prowess from Firebrand. With time, dedication and a lot of energy Cerebro Creative expanded its committee to include Kopy Kat (A Copywriting and Editorial department), Stratsphere (Marketing and Brand Strategy department) and the Non-Uninspired Productions (Videography, Motion Graphics and Photography department). Today Cerebro has established itself as a living, breathing and growing collective that’s always in search of its next big and exciting project.


Some Interisting Facts

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing an idea come to life. From sitting around a table and putting pen to paper, to being on-set and fine tuning the details in editing; we love seeing things through from start to finish.

Finished projects

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Our Skills

A Full-Service Digital Agency


Design   |   Web Architecture  |   Strategy


Cerebro offers everything from web design, corporate identity, digital marketing, motion graphics, videography, photography, marketing strategy and brand positioning.

Our studio has developed an all-around comprehensive knowledge of web design and digital marketing from 1000+ projects. We have expertise in creating successful campaigns for CPG brands, higher-education, sportswear makers, software companies, energy businesses, financial institutions, travel agencies, entertainment, health-care providers, and many more.

As an experienced agency, our services extend way beyond tactical web design, SEO, or development. We can execute anything that is customer-facing, from taking fantastic product photography, creating video animations, strategizing your campaign, managing the media plan, to designing print and other offline materials.


Our partners and Clients

We’re committed to partnering with our clients. We understand and respect that they will always know more about their business and markets than we are able to know. We also know that our clients will have specific assets and capabilities that can catapult our work to new heights.

We invest the time, as soon as possible, to co-create an approach to projects with our client stakeholders and form the right collection of our talented people to mobilize the project. We won’t be starting from scratch; rather we will leverage what we have learned together as partners, with a solid base in business acumen.


Where to Find us

So now that you (kinda have an idea of) who we are and what our mission is. Why don’t we take some time getting to know you and your business? After all, we may work together soon. If you want to see double-digit revenue growth in your business of course.