Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising


Generate immediate conversions and traffic to your website, with PPC advertising.

Cerebro Creative consists of a team of Digital Marketing professionals in Durban and London that understand how to channel online traffic from custom defined audiences to your website.

Budget Management

Working within an advertising or marketing budget requires attention, strategy, efficiency, and diligence. We apply your paid advertising budget wisely and creatively to produce results

Conversion Driven

Everything we do is aimed at enhancing both your brand’s recognition and your sales records. This means that we are the perfect partner for a company striving to grow their online conversions.

Lead Generation

We’ll use a variety of techniques and tools to boost the number of people interested in your offers.

Video Content Development

If you don’t have video in your marketing plan – you are losing valuable customers. People love consuming content through digital media. Our specialist team can create video marketing campaigns that will get your content noticed, watched and potentially shared.

Campaign Planning

We create, manage and design digital advertising campaigns across platforms, for any company or product. All of our campaigns are reported on a monthly basis, allowing you to easily see where and how you get your results

Asset Creation

Our experienced team of copywriters, designers and developers bring campaigns to life with the development of effective and creative landing pages, copy and graphics. Our expertise includes interactive adverts, video content and engaging social media-specific advert formats.

Content Development

Content is still king when it comes to digital marketing strategies and being Search Engine Optimised. We offer copywriting, proofreading, blog content development, content creation for specific Social Media platforms, and advertising campaign content creation. Every business has a specific target audience and we know how to adapt our writing style to suit their need and taste.

Database Building

The more email addresses you can accumulate, the more people you can communicate with via email campaigns; thus marketing your special offers to a wider audience and attracting potential customers to your business.

Paid Advertising

Are people finding your website on Google? Show up at the top of search results on websites and Social Media platforms, with paid advertising.