Email Marketing

Email Marketing


Get the right message to your audience with content that is aimed at conversions.

We offer a full range of integrated
Email Marketing services.

Automated Journeys

Engage customers through intelligent
event-driven email journeys.

Smart Transactional

Maintain exceptional, on-brand, responsive emails
on one platform and maximise retargeting.

RSS Emails

Repurpose your blog or other website content
through recurring RSS campaigns.

Our knowledge and experience extends
beyond simple Email Marketing.

Boost traffic to your site.

Use Google Ads to make your site
appear on the first page of Google.

Pinpoint your audience.

PPC allows you to strategically select
who sees your ads.

Specify your ad budget.

Choose your average daily
or monthly budget.

How does it work?

Creating, building and managing Google Pay-Per-Click ads requires mainly one thing, experience.
With so many different strategies and theories out there on how to do it best, we at Cerebro, rely on years of
experience on which methods to apply to which clients, based on your industry and audience.


What’s the next step?

Let’s get started with a free consultation!

In order to gain a deeper understanding of your current customer landscape, services, methods and persona, we offer a half-hour strategy session to kick-start the relationship and overall digital marketing strategy. During this consultation session we will explore key areas of your business, that we use to derive a refined digital marketing strategy.

Conversion driven strategy.